Mary Ilmberger Scott 

It doesn't matter what path your life is on it is vital for every individual to maintain some level of activity in what brings serenity and gratification.  Creating art, my art...does that for me.

I've spent most of my life dreaming of being an artist.  Life in mid-America has brought me close family and friends.  A loving marriage, great kids, career, and through it all my creativity found a way to express itself in many outlets. Yet, I knew, there had to come a time for me, a time when  " Art Rules" and distractions could not restrain me.  My creative process is simplistic with solitude being the key ingredient.  More often than not, I gravitate to a palette of muted tones, textures, and colors that bring a soft, calmer color experience.  Drawing and scratching into layers of wet paint on wood is a must.  For me, wood lends itself to the process far better than canvas.

Much of my work time and space is in my home in SE Iowa near a cornfield. It is here that I can let my creations pass through mind and hands. It is also a refuge for my husband and anxious studio dog, Ted. This is where, for me, life is very good.


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